Being addicted to information

Information is all around us and in various forms. The information is fed to us. It’s a business. People other than us are making money because we are taking this information in.

I enjoy all kinds of information. Collecting various data, working with it and knowing that it is there and available. And being able later to do something more with it. And it’s probably some kind of an OCD. Definitely. I realized after having set up a sensor network at home that I really didn’t need the sensor network. But I wanted to do it anyway. I wanted to build it and collect the information.

Information can make us feel connected and more confident in some areas. We might learn something. We might feel more connected to someone. It might make us feel more secure. Does that mean we are insecure without that information? Does it mean there is an underlying problem that a person might need to deal with?

Could the fact that we are being fed information make things worse?

I think it might be interesting to go on an information diet.

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