Why Star Trek is interesting to me

I remember watching Star Trek the Next Generation both on TV and on VHS. At the time (80’s) it was the kind of TV I liked to watch. It was a combination of science fiction and some reality I didn’t know what to call. The science fiction part was of cource interesting to me. I liked everything about physics and was all about thinking about how they would do that or the other thing with this kind of technology. And their technology was interesting. It definitely inspired humans in creating what they have created.

But there was something more to Star Trek than just technology. Star Trek is a story. A story about humans and non-humans (aliens?), working together on solving problems. And its the working together part that stands out. There are challenges, some of which are still present in our society today. But they are dealt with. And with respect.

I saw the other day that Obama is a Star trek fan. He mentioned that for him, the show is about values and human relationships. I think if I were to describe Star trek with one word, it would be respect. Respecting other cultures, respecting people around you, respecting nature.

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